tommyatconventionThe Tommy Douglas Research Institute is an independent, non-profit Canadian economic and social research and educational organization. Named after T.C. Douglas, the former Premier of Saskatchewan and acknowledged father of Medicare in Canada, the Institute’s main goal is to raise public awareness of the respective role of both the large business sector and governments in providing for the well-being of Canadians.

What we do

The Institute continues to monitor developments in Canada’s public health care system. We maintain a database of news stories and online articles.

We are currently refining our policy agenda with a new focus on citizen engagement, giving activists new opportunities to explore progressive policy options.

Who Tommy Douglas was

Named the Greatest Canadian in a national vote, Tommy Douglas was the Premier of Saskatchewan, the father of Canadian Medicare and the national leader of the New Democratic Party.

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Tommy’s life and achievements have inspired a wide range of books, from a variety of perspectives. If you’d like to learn more about Tommy Douglas, these are good places to start

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There were massive hurdles to overcome. The changing nature of the state required that the Douglas CCF government develop a brand new way of creating policy and putting it into place

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One of Tommy Douglas’s most enduring pieces of oratory is the story of Mouseland. It has inspired generations of social activists and progressive leaders alike.

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“I felt that no boy should have to depend either for his leg or his life upon the ability of his parents to raise enough money to bring a first-class surgeon to his bedside…. ”

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