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It’s no secret that people are still worried about the economy. That doesn’t mean they don’t think it’s doing things much better, even great in some regards. The stock market is sure thriving once again, but of course people judge the economy by how it hits home, as they should. Gas prices are way down, to a level that I honestly thought we would never see again. Things like that help out quite a bit!

The economy directly impacts our personal finances, whether it comes to wages, affordable goods and services, taxes or anything else. If we don’t have a thriving economy, it is felt all over, by everyone in different ways. While the economy may not be thriving like it was in the 90’s, people are optimistic about its improvements.

Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society publishes multi-disciplinary research on the spatial dimensions of contemporary social, economic, and political change: 2014 1.148, 2013 0.696, 2012 1.764, 2011 1.65

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    Let's not look at our neighbors and wonder why not us unless we are looking at our neighbors in third world countries who could say the same thing to us. Let's handle our personal finances well, and let's do our individual parts to help make the economy thrive and the country a better place to live.