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LEGAL ADVICE: What To Do When You Get Hurt?

March 3, 2017 No comments


It is of the utmost importance that you make sure that you gain justice in any situation where you have been hurt. What this means is that you need to make sure that you’re getting proper legal representation from an experienced injury lawyer to get yourself the monetary compensation you deserve in a situation where you have been injured through no fault of your own.

Many people do not feel nature trying to get money for something that has happened to them. There are even some who may feel that an accident was their own fault when it clearly was not simply because they are embarrassed or ashamed about something that has happened to them. In reality, they have no need to be ashamed. They have done nothing to deserve what has happened to them. It is simply an unfortunate situation whereby they have ended up with a brain injury.

Brain injuries are very serious and can impact the wellness of your entire life. It can have impacts for years to come that you may or may not even realize. As such, you need to be on top of this and make sure that you are not taken advantage of by those who would like to get away without paying for the damages that they have caused. It is very unfortunate that there are people out there who are like this, but it is undoubtedly the case.

In order to combat all of this, it is nice to be able to get a legal team together that can help you with these situations. Your legal team will be able to provide you with all of the answers that you need in terms of how to deal with this situation that you have found yourself in. They can help with going after your financial compensation via the legal system because they know how this system works and how they can make it work for you. Thus, having a lawyer with training in brain injury situations is highly important.

You want to make sure that you look around for a lawyer that has direct experience in handling cases that are similar to your own. This is the type of lawyer that you know you can count on to deal with the situation with the utmost care. They are going to have had experience in the past, and this will help them guide your case forward now.

You have to remember that it is not up to you alone to deal with situations like this when they come up.  Futerman Partners  can help you with your case, and you can have much better results than what you may have ever thought were possible.

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Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

February 11, 2017 No comments

Accidents happen to many people, some due to our own carelessness and others based on pure chance. However, some injuries occur due to the negligence of others. Sometimes we get up, dust ourselves off, and accept the other person’s apology, with no real harm done. But more serious accidents may lead to missed days on the job, medical tests and treatments, and even a hospital or rehabilitation stay. When those things happen, we have to wonder if the person whose actions caused the accident should bear the cost of our losses. A personal injury lawyer can help explain the conditions under which someone else may be responsible for resulting physical, mental, emotional, or financial losses.

Missed work.

If an accident or injury caused you to call off work for legitimate related reasons, such as a trip to the ER or a doctor visit, you may be eligible for compensation from the negligent party. A personal injury lawyer can explain the ways in which these medical expenses and lost wages should be documented for legal consideration.

Medical treatment.

Being evaluated by a primary care physician or a specialist for problems resulting from injuries caused by someone else should be documented in the doctors’ medical notes and possibly briefly noted in the victim’s personal written timeline of events. X-rays, CT scans, MRI’s, medication, and physical therapy may all be eligible for compensation by the negligent person. A personal injury attorney can explain what is and what is not typically allowed for compensation consideration in a personal injury claim.

Prolonged hospitalization.

Long-term hospital stays or rehabilitation therapy in a residential facility may also be recoverable if proven to be necessary treatment for injuries caused by an accident for which another person is responsible. Convalescence and professional counseling or therapy are additional medical services that might be claimed by the victim. An attorney who specializes in this area of law will be able to advise you as to which type of services is related to the injury sustained and how to document the services as part of a legal claim.

Personal losses.

Emotional issues like depression, anxiety, anger, or PTSD are often treated in therapy or with medication following a significant injury. These after-effects will need to be documented appropriately for the discovery phase of the legal process.

These serious outcomes of an accident injury caused by someone else can be expensive and time-consuming, possibly changing a life forever. Since the legal investigation and resolution process is rigorous and exacting, it is important to get sound legal advice when considering or preparing a personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer can advise you about your rights and responsibilities as an accident victim. For those interested in learning more, please visit Preszler Law Firm.

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4 Reasons for Hiring a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer

February 9, 2017 No comments

If you sustain serious injuries because of careless mistakes of another person, you should consider enlisting the professional help of a competent personal injury lawyer. The accident attorney will file a lawsuit or negotiate a better settlement for you. An experienced accident attorney has a lot to bring to the table, including in-depth mastery of the legal procedure, negotiating expertise, and support staff to prepare the paperwork.

When should you hire an accident lawyer?

1. Your injury claim becomes complicated

At the start of the claim process or even at any stage along the way, you may realize that your injury claim is too complex for a non-lawyer. For instance, your claim may contain legal or technical complexities that only an experienced lawyer can understand. You may also hire a personal injury lawyer if your case is strong and has the potential of recovering a substantial amount of money.

2. Proving longstanding or permanently disabling injuries

A longstanding injury may last for nearly a year or longer. On the other hand, a permanent injury incapacitates you for life. These forms of personal injuries can totally interfere with the quality of your life. You may also go through hard times in securing and staying employed. It is a bit hard to prove permanently disabling or long-term injuries in court. However, a skilled personal injury lawyer can work in close collaboration with each medical expert you have seen. The legal expert may insist on the presence of your doctor in each legal proceeding.

3. Disputed liability

Most insurance companies will initially deny the responsibility of their policyholder for the accident. The insurance firms use this strategy to frustrate the efforts of claimants and force them to drop their claim. If you face such a situation, you will need to hire an accident attorney. The legal professional will gather enough evidence to prove to the insurance firm that their policyholder was undeniably at fault.

4. Denial of coverage

The insurance company may also claim that its insurance policy does not cover the particular accident. In such a case, you should ask for a copy of insurance manual and find out if what the insurance provider says is true. An experienced accident attorney may force the insurance firm to compensate you by coming up with a strong case.

Picking a reputable personal injury lawyer

Since statutes of limitations vary from one state to another, it is imperative to work with an accident lawyer so that the claims process can move as fast as possible. However, picking the right attorney will require some research and keen attention to detail.

 Specialization in the field of personal injury

Different lawyers specialize in various disciplines of law. Therefore, you must ensure your prospective accident attorney has specialized in persona injury accidents. You can remove your doubts by requesting for copies of academic certificates or certification from him or her.

 Experience

Personal injury attorneys focus on a broad range of accident. Some focus on car accidents while others concentrate in slip-and-fall accidents, premise liability cases, or even work-related accidents. Thus, you should select a legal expert who has adequate experience in your type of claim.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer when you have been unlawfully injured is an ideal way of safeguarding your rights and fostering justice. Ensure your attorney is aware of the complex nature of personal injury cases. She or he must guide you on how to talk to the authorities and answer queries from the opposing lawyer. The information on the Futerman Partners LLP website may have additional insights and can provide you with further support.

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What You Need to Bring to an Initial Consultation

November 6, 2016 No comments

When you visit a Canadian personal injury specialist for the first time, you are ultimately asking that person to help you get compensation for personal injury. Personal injury lawyers Personal injury lawyers will be delighted to assist you if they see that your case has high potential. Because of the payment structure that many of them have, they are not very quick to take on low-potential cases. Therefore, you must ensure that you bring the appropriate arsenal of items when you go to the meeting. Your first meeting may be your last if you do not come prepared:

Visual Proof

Visual proof is one of the most effective items that you can bring with you to a meeting with a lawyer. Visual proof is items such as pictures and videos that show either the accident or the after-effects of the accident. They are items that the lawyer can use as exhibits if the case goes to a full courtroom trial. In some cases, you can get compensation for personal injury out of court.

Police Reports and Documents

You should bring all of your police reports with you so that the lawyer can review what the police have to say about your incident. Police reports establish validity and let the lawyer know that someone else saw your injuries and wrote them down in a report.

Medical Documentation and Bills

Medical documentation is necessary for two reasons. The first reason that the lawyer needs to see medical documentation is to establish that you do have a confirmed injury. The second reason the lawyer needs you to bring medical documentation is so that he or she can calculate your approximate settlement amount.

Pay Stubs and Bill Statements

Pay stubs allow the lawyer to see the amount of money you were making at your job. He or she can use that information to develop a settlement amount. The pay stubs will show the specialist how much you have lost because of the accident.

Witnesses or Witness Statements

Witnesses are people who saw the incident or were involved in the incident themselves. Witness statements are invaluable and can hold a lot of weight in the courtroom. A lawyer will be highly interested in seeing those because they will make your case appear to be highly solid.

A Positive Attitude

Bring a positive attitude when you visit a lawyer to see if you are eligible to go after compensation. You just may be eligible. Your attitude will make the lawyer more willing to work with you.

You can schedule your consultation when you are ready to speak to someone about your case. An experienced lawyer will be delighted to meet with you and let you know how viable your case is.

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